LivOil is a start up, a set up with an ambition to eliminate unhealthy refined oils from our kitchens and replace them with the natural traditional wood pressed oils. Because when it comes to eating healthy, it starts with what are you cooking with? Wood pressed oils are unadulterated, healthy and delicious too. At LivOil, we believe in physically squeezing out oils, without any chemical intervention so as to retain the natural boon and goodness of the nuts and oilseeds in the oil, extracted from them.

The change we hope to bring !

LivOil hopes to bring back our ancestral patterns of oil consumption, which provides consumers looking for a chemical free lifestyle, with wood-pressed natural oils. Over the years, we intend to bring the vibrance and vigour of our ancestors within our consumers

What we intend to become !

LivOil intends to emerge as an authentic and nutritious oil brand, which finds place in the kitchens of those Indian households, which believe in consuming nutritious and unadulterated products.

The mind behind LivOil !

LivOil is the dream of Mrs Prerana Amol Chidrawar. She is an MBA with an engineering degree in food technology and five years of industrial experience. In the year 2019, with the support of her husband, she took the step of bringing her dream into reality by establishing the first store of LivOil in Thane, Mumbai. Her dream to provide natural products which are genuine in their nutrient content is evident through the quality products made available through the LivOil brand.